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Winery Jeff Konsbrück

Winery Jeff Konsbrück
Ahn, Luxembourg

The Jeff Konsbrück Winery is currently the most recent winery in the country. But it does not mean that Jeff is a neophyte since he had the opportunity to be immersed in the profession by Guy, his father who sold his grapes to others winegrowers until the beginning of the 2010s. But when it came time to take over the family estate of 12 hectares, Jeff decided to produce his own wines. We must admit that he was well inspired since he has very beautiful plots in the most famous terroirs, such as Palmberg or Göllebour. And in the cellar, Jeff has found his style by producing wines that express their origins. Winery Jeff Konsbrück's wines are modern, lively and always balanced, like his very fine and very mineral Riesling, or even their crémants from the Kinnekskummer terroir, which he is the only one to use. Certainly, a bright future is promised for this winery.

AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise

The Cellar of Winery Jeff Konsbrück