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Les vignerons de Rosport

Maison Viticole Roeder
René Krippes
Rosport, Luxembourg

While most of Luxembourg's wine production takes place around the Moselle, there is only one production region that is far from it: the Hoelt. However, we have been vinifying for several decades in this place of Rosport, on the southern slope of a bend in the Sûre. It is here that choose to set up 2 wine houses whose productions are as confidential as their passion for the vine is great. If René Krippes and Luc Roeder produce each on their own, respectively on several dozen ares, they both work their vines with respect for nature. Everything is done by hand, without a machine, herbicides or insecticides. And if the Maison Viticole Roeder (certified Organic Farming) has chosen to collaborate with the Domaine Sunnen-Hoffmann for the vinification, René Krippes turned to the Château Pauqué in Grevenmacher.

AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise

Agriculture biologique

The Cellar of the vignerons de Rosport