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Domaine Schumacher-Lethal

Domaine Schumacher-Lethal
Wormeldange, Luxembourg

In this family winery where the baton is passed from generation to generation, the transition is never abrupt. And if Ern Schumacher has given the keys to the cellar to his son Tom, he is far from being a peaceful pensioner. A man of the field since always, the President of the association of independent winegrowers (Privatwënzer) is a pragmatic winegrower, remaining very attached to his vines and sparing no material and no effort, to do without herbicides. Good wines start with healthy grapes! And when Ern is in the vineyard, Tom opens up new perspectives at the Cellar. After having imported barrels and casks, he created a new range, "Sélection", whose breadcrumb trail is the use of spontaneous fermentation, very low residual sugars and the total refusal of products that could make up the wine. The result? Wines that share common traits with this family: demanding and generous.

AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise

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The Cellar of the Domaine Schumacher-Lethal