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Domaine Max-Lahr et fils

Domaine Max-Lahr et fils
Ahn, Luxembourg

Growing grapes (and fruit more generally) then transforming them into wines and brandies, we can easily say: this is Bob Max's expertise! Moreover, aware that the quality of the products he produces begins with the use of the best raw materials, Bob does not hesitate to spread the harvest over several weeks to ensure optimum maturity of his generous grapes. His Riesling are the perfect examples and also sure values of his production. It must also be said that Bob has a perfect mastery of the subject since our winemaker's Domaine is located a stone's throw from the terroirs of Palmberg, Goellebour and Vogelsang. 3 of the few best terroirs in the country.

AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise

The Cellar of the Domaine Max-Lahr et fils