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Caves Benoit Kox

Benoit Kox and his son Claude truly carry in them respect for the land and love for their vines. Here is expressed their desire to take a fair look at each of their plots, with the aim of enhancing each of their crops. It is the constant search for a balance between the soil and the grape variety, the grape and the idea of the wine to come, the raw material and the know-how of the winegrower. And to achieve their goals, they give themselves the means! Most of the work is done by hand. Their methodology is close to organic, weedkillers have been banned for a long time. Their idea is that a wine is first built on the slopes. Their philosophy is exported to France, the Bordeaux region and the Côtes de Roussillon, where they work the vines with several hands, with Luxembourg partners established there.

AOP Moselle Luxembourgeoise

The Cellar of Caves Benoit Kox