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Are you ready? ... Go!

That's it, the Signal Start has been given! In this month of September, it is difficult to miss this recurring annual episode which sees the Luxembourg Moselle return to boiling point. To know: the harvest of the terroirs of our winegrowers!

Equipped with appropriate clothing, gloved for some who would fear blisters due to secateurs, here are our armies of departing grape pickers tackling their hard harvesting work, under a sun and a temperature that will not be lenient this year.

Despite everything, there are many regulars in wineries conquered by the atmosphere that reigns during these harvests and for whom these moments of cohesion are very important after too long a period of confinement. Our winegrowers have been able to count on these faithful who, even masked, return year after year and testify to their enthusiasm and unfailing motivation.

The winegrowers are also showing enthusiasm. The weather conditions having been particularly favorable this year, the bunches are healthy and clean, free from any disease. Only downside: the growth of the flowers was not homogeneous. As a result, not all grapes will be ripe enough to pick after a first pass, which will require more, sometimes in the same vineyard. At Tom and Ern Schumacher (domaine Schumacher-Lethal), there will be two passages in order to harvest only fully ripe grapes. Les vignerons aussi, montrent de l’engouement.

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First harvests of the year 2020 at Clos Mon Vieux Moulin

Occasionally, too, some wineries have also experienced some setbacks, such as Henri Ruppert, whose vines from Remerschen Kraitzberg were affected by the hail of June 31. The seasoned winemaker therefore decided and made the decision to start the harvest of this terroir earlier and, "since the quantities harvested are not enormous, they will be used for the crémants". You have to know how to adapt!

The juice is extracted at Caves René Bentz

But another Signal Start was given to the Moselle this year. That of the site on which you are reading these few lines.

Like the vines which developed at their own pace during a very slow start to the year in human activity, the idea of ​​"Wä" germinated slowly but surely in the minds of our team.

Restaurants closed, clientele confined, events canceled, the start of the year has been difficult for many of our winegrowers who are already working all year round to offer us wines of increasing quality, vintage after vintage. And it is with a view to giving visibility to the products of our winegrowers, to bring consumers closer to our artisans, and to facilitate the act of purchasing these products, which are now highly qualitative, that the idea of ​​Wä was born. It must be said that living in the middle of the vineyards and living to the rhythms of the Moselle, it helps a lot to take this kind of initiative.

So we glad to wish you welcome to Wä, the first e-commerce platform dedicated to wines from independent winegrowers from the Luxembourg Moselle. An initiative developed in close collaboration with a very large part of the PrivatWënzer and which, we hope, will bring you a lot of satisfaction in its ease of use and delivery of the best wines from the Luxembourg Moselle.

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